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  • TP Keating commented on Chapter 10 :
    5/28/2017 6:04:43 PM
    A heavy trip, like something from the Doors first album. "Take a journey to the bright midnight..."
    (4 chapter reviews) | 1069 +Votes
    A story on gods, death, pain, and adventure. Completed on 18 November, 2015. Lyncia Eyresin is about to play host to ... More Info
    • J.A. Waters I doubt I'd be able to operate with nearly as much clarity or understanding as Lyncia in this situation. Even emerging from anesthesia was difficult as it was. Emerging from death? Hm. Not willing to try. And as always, thank you for all your reading and comments!
      5/30/2017 3:09:07 AM
  • TP Keating commented on Chapter 9 :
    5/28/2017 5:59:30 PM
    What makes this writing so gripping, so intense, is not only the circumstance, but the way the narrative swiftly convinces us that we are reading Lyncia's verbatim ... Show More
    (4 chapter reviews) | 1069 +Votes
    A story on gods, death, pain, and adventure. Completed on 18 November, 2015. Lyncia Eyresin is about to play host to ... More Info
    • J.A. Waters First person really lends itself to moments like this, though I realize that can be difficult to make an allowance for to some readers. It's always interesting really putting yourself inside the head and situation of a character going through something so far from normal. Thank you, sir.
      5/30/2017 3:06:59 AM
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