Astronomicon: The Beginning
Paul Vincent
3 Space craft, 240 colonists, 25 trillion miles and an unexpected discovery that changes ... Show More
Adventure, Mystery, New Adult, Sci Fi, Thriller
colonisation, exploration, murder, survival, spaceship, interstellar, space


Almost two hundred thousand kilometres out from Earth, the Elysian was under way and ready to begin the main phase of her voyage to Proxima Centauri. The supplies were stowed, the extensive array of machinery, components and equipment was secured in place and all of the crew were now safely preserved in cryonic suspension pods. All except for him that was. As captain of the vessel, Christopher Sergov would be the last person to go into suspension.

Over three decades of manned deep space exploration it had become a tradition for the captain to be the final one. He or she would check that the vessel was secure and that everything was functioning correctly and then, when everything was ready for the voyage, he or she would put themselves into cryonic suspension and the flight computer would commence the many months of full thrust from the ion drive propulsion system.

Christopher, or Chris as he preferred to be called, was a fraction over six feet tall with very short, neat, light-brown hair. His skin was paler than you might expect with his dark brown eyes. He was of athletic build and fairly average looking, clean-shaven, no features out of the ordinary apart from a subtle scar, barely an inch long, on the left side of his throat. It had been inflicted by a fencing accident several years before and, in a quiet sort of way, he was quite proud of it. He felt it made him look a little distinguished.

He had the computer running one final check of all the ship’s systems when the incoming transmission light started to urgently blink for his attention. 
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  • Jukeie commented on :
    1/8/2016 9:08:15 PM
    I liked it, but that was way too short. Hope the other chapters are bigger!
    • Paul Vincent Originally chapter 1 was almost 6000 words long but SO many people told me that that was way too long to read online, To counter this issue I cut each chapter down into smaller chapters (about 3 on average). Since then each chapter has been getting a lot more reads. Glad you like it! :)
      1/8/2016 10:29:41 PM
  • Andre Clemons commented on :
    12/23/2015 10:41:48 PM
    A nice tease here, leaving just enough to set the scene. I do agree with the criticism that there should be much more context than there is to really flesh things out, ... Show More
  • Anton Nimm commented on :
    11/6/2015 7:12:18 AM
    This is a solid introductory exposition, and the character description gives me a good sense of what he looks like, but this early chapter doesn't establish what's at ... Show More
    • Paul Vincent Thank you. You make a good point there. I'll go back and look at it properly when I've finished NaNoWriMo. Thanks for the feedback!
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