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There is a darkness, and inside the darkness lingers the dead beings. Not dead people or zombies, ... Show More
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Young Adult
Dreamscape, earth, space, dimensions, universe, dragons, create, imagine, dream, death, life, time


It was midnight on the night of the seventh blood moon. Father, a man of ancient religious beliefs, called upon the darkness to save us from the Aether. My father was a big man, with long, light colored hair. But as I was also only eight at the time, I can't recall his face. I just remember looking out the window, when I saw him walking to the vine infested gate to lock it.
My mother huddled in the living room, holding my younger brother of six years old in her arms, shading his eyes from the beings that my father and I could see. They stood on our front yard. Father didn't talk to them. I watched as the tall, lanky one and the white one with a cloak summoned three ghosts, their gravestones appearing in the grass. There were now eight.
All the doors were locked. Father walked back towards the house. He didn't make eye contact with the beings. When he locked the front door, I began to ask him something. He shushed me and whispered, "Do not talk, Aniia."
We did as he said. As far back as I could remember, he would always protect us. Father made a noise, maybe of frustration. "What is it?" Mother mouthed. He signaled with his hands. The number eight. Then an arrow above a level hand. Eight higher level beings had come to protect us from the Aether.
Mother seemed scared though. She seemed to mouth a name. Father nodded. Mother clenched her teeth and gripped Gevnii against her. He was half asleep, tired because it was so late, but when she squeezed him he made a small noise. I was wide awake with fear and excitement.
I didn't understand what was wrong. Suddenly, nausea attacked my throat and stomach. The house was gone. Wherever we were looked yellow, red, and brown, but mostly a vision of dark yellow and black. We were in a different dimension. The dimension of one of the creatures my father had summoned to protect us. 
The dead beings became larger, looming over us. Father stood, a sword suddenly appearing in his hands. Mother gave me my little brother, smiling and touching my face to reassure me, and turning to the fight. A spear came into her hand.
Zeus - not the Greek god of the sky, but the powerful-as-a-god-dead-being, attacked her. Father fought each of the others, keeping them as far away from us as he could. The very beings that were supposed to protect us had turned on us, probably bringing with them a worse fate than the Aether. 
I watched as my mother attacked the being Zeus. When mother struck it in the face, the Zeus did not scream. When she stuck it in the stomach, it didn't bleed. With one final jump off the shoulder of the eighty foot tall Zeus, She landed her spear in a powerful blow to its heel. The Zeus's heel started to crack, like stone, and his howl of pain was more like a hideous scream shaking our eardrums.
"Mommy!" I remember screaming then. The Zeus fell, destroyed, but she had given everything into fighting the most powerful of the eight. She lay on the ground, several meters away. She slowly turned her head towards me, smiled, and disappeared, as the darkness overtook her like a fog coming in the night.
I looked around, unable to find Father. Gevnii gripped my shirt, shoving his face into my chest, crying. We both wished we could wake up, as if it was all a bad dream, but it wasn't. There were still four beings, three of them ghosts. There was no one here to protect us, and we didn’t know how to protect ourselves.
Just as they were about to crowd in, to kill us, tear our bodies apart, I was gone. I stared into my empty hands. Tears dripping into my open palms. Where was my little brother? Was he still in the hands of those monsters? Was he dead?
I looked around. Where was I?
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