Skin Passion
Michael LaBash
Poems and paintings by Frank Moore
Frank Moore, poetry, art, painting

Within The Living Shadows


August 1, 2003

for Linda Smith

oh, the cool living
within the shade 
of the big oak!
The girl swinging
On a high branch
Looks down 
And sees my bright
Pink and yellow petals,
Jumps down
to smell me
And lies beside me
To listen to the music 
Of the oak leaves
Playing with the summer breeze.

All my life
I have been sheltered
By my friend the oak,
Being protected from
Hard rain,
Gusts of cold wind,
And hot sun, 
So that my gentle beauty
Can grow  
strong & bright
Within the circle
Of vibrating shade…
Refreshing shadows
of living together,
Rooted together
Within just being together.
Ah, my friend,
The oak tree!

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    9/9/2017 2:42:42 PM
    I'm surprised they don't have a poetry section on Jukepop.