Chronicles of an Alcoholic
Dan Contreras
139 +Votes
The Case of the Syphilitic ...
James Hutchings
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Hidden Mystique
LJ Gastineau
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Jenean McBrearty
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The General's Lady
Jenean McBrearty
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Tamlyn Tinker
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Alex Thompson
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The Pages of Evan Vaughan
Jack Leaf Willetts
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In the Midst
T.K. McElhinny
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Kansai PI: 2058
Nicholas Freilich
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Transitional Period
Steven Finkelstein
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The Watchmage of Old New York
C. A. Sanders
JP 30 5136 +Votes
Susan Shuman
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Cholesterol Death
Pattison White
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The Archer's Arrow
C.C. Long
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The Artless Dream
Dylan Moore
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Rhea Randall and the Vampire ...
H.G. Doerge
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A Queen of Crimson
L.B. Lane III
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